Working at: Young Designer Awards part 1&2 2008

Working at: Young Designer Awards part 1&2 2008
24th November 2009 Hair
This time the designers awards was held at the Novotel Hotel in Kings Cross St Pancreas, I was really comfortable volunteering at the young designers, I hadn’t started my Hair Training as i was still at uni but i found it relaxing and worked alongside some great people. I left the event with new connections and a decision, Once i finished univeristy I was going to do hair…
(P.SNot all hairstyles were done my me.)
Working at Young designer Awards Part 1 April 2008
Working with Joanna Marcella at the Young designers awards was an eye opener for me as it showed me the hard work and dedication that go into fashion shows however small the event may be. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the girls, helping with their hair and with the costumes. Here are ome pics of the night. xx 

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