Votre Style

Votre Style
17th May 2010 Hair

I had a light bulb moment; I am always interested in personal style, so I would love for you guys to send me pictures of your favourite hairstyle(s) which you feel best represents you, all pictures are welcome, if you have a blog just add the address and it will be posted up. Send pics to andree.ettien@yahoo.com
Here are a few that were sent in:  
Love her blog and style www.christianarants.com

Hair looks lovely: www.glamorousgleam.com

Love the fullness of the fringe here, hairstyle carried off well: 
My cousin has been growing her locks….so far so good

Natural styles rock…Ola shows us ghana braids: 
mmmmm pixie love…j’adore, j’adore, j’adore… a simple hairstyle to a gorgeous face
Its an ongoing thing so Men, girls keep ’em coming…all are very welcome.

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  1. I BLEED PINK 11 years ago

    What a neat idea!

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