Vlog: Edge Tamer

Vlog: Edge Tamer
24th January 2011 Hair
My most recent Vlog is about Edge tamer by Kera Care, which I discovered when we hosted an Avlon event a while back. This product is great afro hair, but also for those that have extensions/weaves it helps to temporarily straighten your edges, without ridiculous build up (or flakes) but instead creates a smooth and silky texture with great hold.
You can purchase the Edge Tamer at local hair shops or online via sites like ebay and Amazon, prices start from £4.99 and the durability is fantastic.

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  1. Sassi 9 years ago

    great video! thanks for the tip!

  2. Andree Marie 9 years ago

    Thanks xx

  3. love the edge tamer, see the wonders it did in my “au natural” hair, never in my life has my hair been this flat!!!!


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