UV spray

UV spray
16th July 2012 Hair
I did a test shoot today where I got to play around with UV Colour spray to achieve different effects for the looks we wanted. I opted for the Blue mood, Blonde blast and Pink punch from the Superdrug instant spray colour range to play around with. It’s a great way to temporarily change your hair colour, whether it be for a night out or just to change up your look without damaging your hair. The colours are vibrant and also have a UV glow (I would have loved to have had this on holiday for the club nights…), it’s easy to remove with a quick shampoo but I don’t recommend applying heat to your hair once the colour had been applied.

* Use on the ends of your hair for that ombré effect or even to add a pop of colour to your your already coloured tips for a different look.

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  1. Nana Adomah O-A 9 years ago

    I love the blue and I like that you can easily change your hair colour without damaging your hair.

    • Andree Marie 9 years ago

      Yes those were my thoughts exactly babe! and it can easily come off too. Though be careful what brand you use as some do not agree with chemically enhanced hair x

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