Un peu de couleur

Un peu de couleur
19th April 2011 Hair
Hair by Christel Lundqvist sourced from HJI

I have been thinking recently of changing my hair colour, I don’t quite know what I am going to do, will it be a full head? Highlights? Slices? I have done honey blonde, copper and burgundy before which leaves me with a big question mark. First things first, I need to remove my current black rinse, once that’s done, I am thinking a bright rinse because I am always changing my mind (I will keep you posted). All these thoughts about colour colour colour reminded me of a few things to share with you guys who may be in the same position as me ;

  • First impression counts, look at salon credentials and what they offer.
  • Have a colour test preferably 48hrs before your desired colour, even if you have coloured your hair before it won’t matter to do one just in case. A strand test will also help you have a clearer idea of what the colour will be like
  • What colour would you like to achieve? Is it easy, manageable?
  • Do you want a permanent or a semi-permanent colour? remembering that permanent colours have to grow out whereas semi’s can wash out
  • You need to feel comfortable with your decision, also leave room for your hairdresser to give her opinion, its important for you to be aware of all your options
  • Stick to colours that compliment your skin tone
  • If you already have an existing colour on your hair, it is best to query how to change to your desired colour, over dyeing your hair can result in breakage
  • Look around you, magazine, fashion, etc to inspire whatever colour it is you want to achieve
  • If you are lucky and have a creative stylist you may even be able to mix two colours to make it your own (Goldwell colours are great for this)
  • For those with chemically treated hair (relaxers, perm etc) wait two weeks before adding a permanent colour

As usual I hope my little tips have helped you… kisses xx

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