Thin Hair

Thin Hair
5th February 2010 Hair

Here I am again taking advantage of free internet, I feel fresher than fresh and have a great weekend ahead of me, I thought it would be best to post this now as I don’t think I will have time until next week.
I received a message early last week where I was asked “My hair is really thin…What can I do to make it thicker ?” I thought it would be good to share my answer as it might be a frequently asked question (Advice is for both Afro hair and European hair)


  • Shampoo your hair too often, it takes away all your natural oils and excessive washing will result in dry dull hair which is likely to break (tut tut )
  •  Relaxing your hair too often will take its toll over time (you need to relax every 4-6 weeks, consult your hairdresser for more info)
  • Use Excessive Heat, you are actually asking for thin hair if you blast heat on it at every chance you get!!
  • Over condition, it can leave your hair looking dull
  • Rough brushing/combing…I cant stand when people brush their hair from the top to the bottom, comb with a wide tooth comb and GENTLY comb from the bottom up
  • Believe that certain shampoos will make your hair thicker (Not all of them are bad but many are LIARS)
  • Tight hairbands and elastic bands = easy breakage and a little bit of alopecia if you are really unlucky


  • Find a hair style that disguises your hair but which also suits your face, shorter hairstyles tend to give the impression of fuller hair (be aware of your face shape)
  • Get a trim at least every 6 weeks, leave those split ends and they will haunt you!
  • Use hairbands that don’t cause strain
  • Finger dry /Towel dry your hair first before you blowdry as it will have the same result
  • Use less heat or lower heat
  • Massage your scalp, it gets the blood circulation going
  • Use the right products for your hair, light but effective conditioners…
  • Love rollers they add bounce (rubber rollers let you sleep in peace)
  • Wrap your hair at night, You still get your desired look.
Hayden’s bob suits her face

There are so may other reasons but these are some important ones which should help. Feel free to add any comments or email me for more info. xxx

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