The Solange transition

The Solange transition
24th November 2009 Hair
Solange Knowles did this drastic haircut earlier this year and i was quite shocked by the publics reaction, the hair looks pretty and simple, does it suit her? To me YES, everyone goes through a stage where they have had enough of their hairstyle and want a change… What people are forgetting is that Miss Knowles did this same haircut when she was pregnant and it suited her then just as much as it suits her now. Your hair reflects how you feel and i think that each individual should try new things and not just stick to the norm… GO solange.

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  1. Agnes 11 years ago

    I agree… When i first saw it though i’m not going to lie i was shocked. Not because she cut her so short but because the picture i saw i felt it didn’t suit her.

    But when I heard her speak on Oprah (I think it was Oprah) I had to rate her… I think its more her confidence that makes her look so beautiful with it. Go Solange!!!

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