Taking care of your weave

Taking care of your weave
17th July 2012 Hair
Weave from Sandra Webb Team shoot

It’s probably the most popular way to put away your hair, But how do you take care of both your weave and your own hair? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Use a satin scarf to sleep at night
  • Despite what people may think, it is safe to wash your hair whilst wearing a weave. Do so gently. Massage your scalp as you don’t want to tangle the hair, also comb with the conditioner on
  • Be careful not to cause tension by pulling or tugging when styling, it could cause damage to your hair/hairline
  • If you your hairline out of  weave, don’t forget to apply moisture there too, products that tame edges whilst moisturising it are excellent.
  • Condition your hair as you would normally but rinse well enough so you don’t leave any residue.
  • When your scalp is dry, don’t forget to oil your scalp (or spray depending on what you want to do) using a bottle with a nozzle. Avoid the oil getting into your hair, greasy weave is a no no. (Brands such as kera care have a weave range to relieve itching)
  • Drying your hair can be a little tedious but you can blow dry, roller set, dry naturally is a good option to avoid excess heat, just don’t forget to dry your own hair too, sometimes the roots are damp when you think they are dry which means itchy scalp.
  • You can keep a weave for 4-8 weeks some go as far as 12 weeks but that should be the maximum
  • Check with your hairdresser about other maintenance such as retightening etc
  • Do a thorough treatment when you remove the weave, your hair will need it!
  • I always advise you let your hair breathe for about 2 weeks (minimum a week) before doing another weave.
  • Have a wig on standby so your hair can rest, u-part wigs look more natural and mostly don’t look any different from a weave
  • Remember the main thing is to keep hair healthy at all times, still go for trims in between weaves and always take care of what grows from the scalp rather than what is stitched on.

Until next time ….

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  1. Shereen 8 years ago

    Great tips!
    I’m itching to get myself a weave or u-part wig for the winter!

    Some of these tips have been added to my mental storage haha 🙂

  2. Great Advice! my biggest issue is weave maintainance which is why I always end up with rags tails!

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