Sustenance (for both natural and chemically treated hair)

Sustenance (for both natural and chemically treated hair)
8th February 2010 Hair

Having worked at the salon for a while now, I have been familiarised with a lot of products at the backwash and one of those is Avlon’s Fiberguard Sustenance. I love this treatment, its both a protein and Moisture treatment which is used after a relaxer or as a treatment. Since I have been weaving my hair a lot, I know my hair will get dry and be more likely to break, so everytime I take out a weave and get ready to fling on another one, I do an intense fortifying treatment with Sustenance under the dryer/or without for about 30 mins (sometimes lasting as long as an 1h30mins, don’t judge me I can be very lazy..). My personal experience with Sustenance so far has been worth it, I notice that my hair is not shedding dramatically when and it’s even shiny and silkier. It’s also excellent on colour treated hair and hair which is extremely dry and damaged.

Price: £15-£26.99 depends on where you go.

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