Something for your edges

Something for your edges
12th September 2011 Hair
I made a video a few months ago about Edge tamer (here) by Kera Care where I talked about how much I liked the product because of how it performs. Since then I explored other products which do the same thing. Gone are the days of using greasy old glaze here are three that you  can try.

1. Edge define by Syntonics
Straight to the point, I want to tell you three three things I love about this product: you needn’t use a lot, no build up, it holds without looking oily. Its fantastic for short styles (if you want to upkeep the short sides and the back) and basically all styles. I also recommend it for most hair types as it isn’t as oily as the rest of the products. I am not a fan of the smell as its not as sweet as I want it to be, but thats to be expected from Syntonics products range but I like the fact that it comes in a big tub, I have had mine for about 4 months and it practically looks brand new. You needn’t use a lot as it holds for at least 2-3days…BRILLIANT. Edge define delivers exactly what it says. Don’t forget this when you are off to a sunny place or need to tame the sides and the back of your style. I still feel that this brand is underrated but hopefully it will be easier to find in the next few months. You can purchase Edge define from £8 at selected salons and here
2. Edge control by Organics
Edge control is probably one that requires the most effort out of all three products. I like the packaging, the smell is gorgeous and the tub is small enough for you to carry around with you. I find that you need to use a generous amount of the product to get your desired look with the help of a soft brush and because of this it can leave your hair oily and can quickly build up if you are not careful. I recommend using a small amount for shine when wearing a ponytail and also to keep edges moisturised under/when wearing a weave (ie a full head weave with a fringe). Its pocket friendly and can be bought for under £4 in local hair shops
3. Edge Tamer by Kera Care
Bearing in mind that i already done a video of this product, I want to add that its worth the money, it smells great (kind of wish that edge define smelled like it). Use a small amount of this product every other day, I don’t think you need to use it everyday as you run the risk of it getting too oily. You can purchase it from £6 from selected salons or here

The most important factor that all these three products have in common though is that they are moisturising to your edges. This breakthrough is great for people who constantly wear weaves but want to avoid breakage on the leave-out on the sides, applying any of these products will maintain the moisture that your hair lacks and help them grow. For this reason I love these products, I am less convinced about Edge control because it is more greasy compared to the others but because it moisturises the hair and promotes growth too I recommend it plus I have have other uses for it so it works.

Syntonics used on egdes

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  1. Annette 9 years ago

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. LaQT/ Ty 9 years ago

    Thanks for the reviews. I have been looking into these. Looks like I’m going to go with the edge control by Syntonics. All of the products I’ve used thus far including Elasta QP Glaze has had minimal staying power and end up greasy.

  3. Annette 9 years ago

    Thank you for the heads up on the products that you have mentioned in this post.

    I was in a hair shop the other looking for Edge Tamer, but no luck I am guessing that the Keracare one works best! I’ll be sure to purchase that one. At the moment i’m using ELSTA QP Glaze.

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