Simple Hair Care

Simple Hair Care
29th December 2009 Hair

I have been able to do hair for as long as I can remember , my first canerow was on my aunty’s hair at the age of 7, she was the first person who allowed me to do her hair other than my dolls, I remember smiling like a cheshire cat happy with my first involuntary customer. I guess  you could say that that’s where my story started…Nothing really prepared me for working at Sandra Webb’s as it came by chance, I went there to do my hair for the second time and asked Cyndia Harvey (my hairdresser) if they would mind me volunteering on Saturdays seen as they had opened the salon that August. It was all very laid back as I just wanted to know what it would be like to work in what seemed like a prestigious salon, (it is by the way) November turned to December, December to January and so on on and so forth, I was enrolled in college on an apprenticeship and I have not looked back. I like to see myself as a humble person who is open per say to opinions whatever they maybe and was ready to be shaped into the best hairdresser I could be. I have learnt more than I anticipated as I lived in a world where I believed that doing hair was extremely simple… To be honest it isn’t so complicated, but only when you know what you are doing! As I always say; it’s the little things that count and I have learnt some  do’s and don’t  which I am going to share with you, mind you if I had known all this at university I would have been lived REALLY comfortably! 


Little Things you should know FOR ALL HAIR TYPES:

  • Get the dirt out! We all wash our hair to for a refreshing result, but what we tend to forget is that 2 shampoos is normally enough (for all races) to get rid of it, the first shampoo should be a cleansing one, something that gets rid of the oils in your hair without being too harsh (look out for shampoos that have this title/description). I use 1st lather Shampoo from Kera Kare as its designed for this sole purpose, Coconut shampoo will have the same effect those who don’t chase brands.The second one should be with a moisturising/hydrating/silkening shampoo whatever your hair needs(KMS, Kera Kare, Nexus etc are really great for this). P.S 2 Shampoos may not be enough for those who have scalp problems such as dry scalp, they might need 3 or 4.
  • Too much washing, don’t be so harsh on your hair people, try and wash your hair at least every two weeks (every 10 days if you are desperate) as I found that washing my hair too regularly made my hair very dry and brittle, and it took a while to regain the moisture
  • Use the right conditioner, first ALWAYS condition after any shampoo, second it is really important that you know what condition your hair is in because that will lead you to know what treatment is needed…ie if your hair has just been taken out of a weave, you will need a treatment which replenishes lost moisture. There is no point of diagnosing your own hair like I used to (luckily my hair never broke off), just pop in to your most trusted hairdressers and ask for a quick consultation where they could determine what your hair needs, get a second opinion if you want.
  • Be aware of the weather, during times like this when it is very cold and british gas are smiling because houses all around will have their central heating on, know that the heat from central heating including all the other things you already do to your hair will help it towards being dry and brittle. Thus Moisture is needed in this period of time, you will be amazed what a little conditioning will do for you. P.S if you are somewhere sunny then whatever you put on your hair, let it have UV  protection.
  • Minimal heat is best! Towel dry hair, wrap your hair, use those ghd’s only when needed. 
  • Know what you are putting into your hair: It is not about putting on any old something on your hair, make sure that whatever you put on your hair meets its purpose, ie if you are blow drying, then use products for blow drying. Different products release different fumes and you could very well be harming yourself without knowing it.
Some of the things written may seem like common sense but its always good to know to know the basic stuff as they could very well help avoid any problems. I am grateful to the college for the knowledge and for Sandra’s for the practice.
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bisou xx

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  1. CHERRIES IN SYRUP 11 years ago

    Hiya!! Good post on hair care,even if as you’ve mentioned some steps may be common sense, but sometimes we don’t give attention to the little things. I have had a very traumatic experience with my hair. It is very curly and I did the insanity of getting some chemical product on my hair (in a salon of course), to make my curls looser, everything seemed to be all right, but, when I started to trim my hais, I started noticing it was kind of straight with no curls at all, amd completely shapeless. I just got desperate and last week I decided to have it cut (half of the hair was gone, and it was almost in the middle of my back). Luckily I have already gotten used to and now, I have a completely healthy hair with no chemical product on it . All I want now, is to take good care of it and use good products 🙂 xoxo and happy new year !

  2. Jaina Dibs Diallo 11 years ago

    hey Doll,
    Love ur blog.gets to have good advice on hair care and even get ideas for when I do a weave next time.Am impressed….love it

  3. Andree Marie 11 years ago

    @ Jaina thanks lovely, im just sharing what I know. xx

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