Shooting| Y-Hair and AM Units

Shooting| Y-Hair and AM Units
22nd February 2016 Andreé Marie
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It is so good to work with a team who understand your vision, it allows for the work to be fun and to work together seamlessly. Yhair shoot combined with AM Units (My wig line) was just that seamless, the vision worked, the prepping was easy and as we both basically wanted the same thing, it was easy to switch between the companies in an easy fashion. I did a Part 2 to the shoot just to add another model to the mix  but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Making wigs was a passion I found along the way in hairdressing and something I didn’t even know that I would enjoy, it was just supposed to be a protective style for myself and now it something that I want to share with clients. Y-hair is open for business now where you can see the the work I did with the assistant on the day florence. is online now where you can enjoy their 4 textures Y-o, Y-curve, Y-satin and Y-texture.IMG_4873 IMG_5730

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