See you on the other side..

See you on the other side..
31st December 2009 Hair
Hello guys,
For the third  year running I have not been able to make it on that christmas holiday I have been seeking… this year because of my work schedule. It will happen though, maybe next year…
I am supposed to be tidying my room but instead I am writing this post
I can’t find what I want to wear to work in the morning and My Blackberry is having another heart attack….

 Anyway so the year is very nearly over and I have mixed feelings about it. In general, I will definitely call this year a year where I and completely trusted and followed my instincts, its been emotional, upsetting at times, hard to understand and sometimes even frustrating but thus far my instincts have not let me down. I have learnt a lot more about me and being single has helped a lot with that, as I am at a stage where I am extremely comfortable and happier, I feel like I am ready for anything and then some, so you could say I am hopeful for what is to come. I have no idea what is 2010 holds for me, but I will most definitely be sharing it with you guys as and when they happen.

I have a new years resolution every year and it never manifests, so this year i will not include it in my list and maybe i will finally achieve it : I, Andree will stay unfit, No gym, no fitness classes…..
My other resolutions are as follows:
  • I will try and go on 3 holidays this year…. destinations unsure but passport is ready
  • I will push myself hard in hairdressing
  • Drink more water, I have actually started this as I have a bottle next my bed now
  • Be more outgoing- I have been in serious hibernation this year! Apart from a few holidays and attending birthdays I don’t really go out, I am starting to feel like an old woman, but NO more!!!
  • I am going to drive!
  • Buy more clothes as there will be a clearance
  • Stay positive, its helped me a lot in the past few years
  • Be healthier, this includes eating, drinking you know what goes insides shows on the outside and all of that
  • try out different products, reviews
  • Help at photoshoots
  • Have fun!!!
I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at my blog and look forward to sharing more and more with you throughout the start of the next decade.
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I WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR… See you on the other side!

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