Salon Work| Weave install

Salon Work| Weave install
28th May 2014 Hair
Weave Install using Whitney marie Hair 2 packs

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  1. Ines 6 years ago

    Oh my god Andree. I LOVE your hairstyle ! Is it a weave? A wig? Ugh I so want this.. I need an appointment ! Silly question but: I am going to start being at the hospital full time and I definitely can’t deal with my hair so what does beyonce do to her hair (what kind of weave is this that you can actually tie at the top of your head and no one sees anything) and can you do this? I start rotation on August 25th.. If you tell me what I need to get, I will get it and make an appointment ! Thank you and thanks for all those cool videos !!

  2. Ines 6 years ago

    Oki doki ! What about the weave? What kind of weave should I get to be able to tie it at the top of my hair and really use it as hair without the tracks showing? Should I get Eden virgin hair? I just want to be able to tie my hair for the operating room :/ Or else I will have to go real short.. I will call Monday 🙂 Thanks Andree !

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