Questions, answers and competitions

Questions, answers and competitions
5th March 2011 Hair
Hello my loves,

Its been a while since my last post, I have been busy and tired but I have videos to make and posts to write up very soon. In the meantime, I want to leave the floor open to you guys to ask me questions that you would like me to answer , and I will do my best to answer them as thoroughly as I can in a post (or in multiple posts), email me at, tweet, facebook or leave your questions in the comment box. *Questions about Afro and european hair are welcome*

I will also be doing a giveaway in the next month for my lovely followers so will keep you posted on that too, until then bisou bisou

xoxoxo Andree Marie 

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  1. Domzy 10 years ago

    Hi Andree, I suffer from alopecia areata and a lot of the hair at the back of my head and near the temples is patchy and I was wondering if you had any ideas about hairstyles that can conceal this? I’m tired of always having my hair straight down. I need a change!

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