Question and Answers….

Question and Answers….
22nd March 2011 Hair
Here are some of the answers to the questions that you asked (Note Questions and answers cater for both European and Afro hair)

How do you treat relaxed hair during the summer?
Try to keep your hair from being dry this summer. Use conditioning/moisturising  treatments, protecting your hair from too much heat and  getting regular trims will help you achieve this. TIP: Add your conditioner thouroughly to your hair, comb it through, add a plastic cap or wrap your hair hair in cling film. Wet a towel with warm water, pop it into the microwave for 1-2 mins and wrap around your hair for a quick and thorough condition.

Is it good to use the same range of products or use a variety of different product ranges?
I would say less is more, people are always trying new products just for the sake of it when there is nothing wrong with their current product range. I don’t think there is anything wrong with mixing and matching as long as it works for your hair, but remember that product ranges are made to work together and may not always work when used with another product.

What are the best products to treat dry scalp?
First of all you must determine that you have dry scalp and not product build up, it is a big mistake that we can make sometimes you might just need a really good scrub. Great shampoos that I like and recommend are KMS Headremedy scalp treatment range, Syntonics and Mizani scalp care shampoo.

What are the best hair products to use when your hair is in a weave?
Whilst your hair is weaved up it is really easy to forget about treating the hair that lies underneath, your hair. One way I discovered in the last few months of wearing my extensions was to use a spray bottle, add a little water, some leave in conditioner and spray just on the plaits so at least they get some moisture/condition. Make sure that your leave in conditioner is not too greasy as not all extensions can handle it.
I generally find serums and light leave in conditioners work great on weaves and give it a great silky feel without residue. Whilst washing your weave I would say use your normal shampoo and conditioner unless it is  hair such as Brazilian, Indian etc then you may need to change your shampoo that doesn’t weigh down the hair but leaves it feeling light.

I suffer from alopecia areata and a lot of the hair at the back of my head and near the temples is patchy, I was wondering if you had any ideas about hairstyle that can conceal this? I’m tired of always having my hair straight down. I need Change!
With Alopecia areata it really best that I see your hair to determine a hairstyle that you could be comfortable with. Many questions run through my mind such as; How severe is the alopecia? Are you taking medication for it? Does it tend to stay in the areas that you have mentioned and grow back with time?
What I can say in the meantime is that there are different ways of dealing/working with what you have whether it be cutting your hair or disguising  patchy parts with lace front hairlines so you can wear your hair the way you want to.
Hope I have answered your questions well. Your feedback is always welcome …


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