Products|Goldwell 60sec colour Treatment

Products|Goldwell 60sec colour Treatment
6th September 2014 Andreé Marie


Goldwell 60 seconds treatments was kind of a miracle when I first knew about it a few years ago, its high technology that leaves your  hair feeling a supple in a minute was something that I had never heard or experience. I really love it for on the go conditioning, it does the job and leaves hair feeling healthy. I recommend it for those people, who don’t always have the time to spare 20 mins or even want to give their coloured hair a little kick.


*Use after the gym for an extra boost (i like colour conditioners  as sometimes I feel they have more intense ingredients)

*I also love to take  this treatment (I use the normal Rich conditioner) on holiday for those days when you want to splash around , this is an amazing conditioner to use. Put on the hair before swimming as a barrier against the seas salt and or the chlorine.


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