Products Spotlight| Mizani

Products Spotlight| Mizani
21st April 2014 Hair
Mizani – H2O Intense Strengthening Night Time £9.80 here
I used this product a long time ago and recommend to clients who want to continue having soft and manageable hair, it’s great for dry/damaged hair and also for the naturals. If you are looking for something to keep your hair nourished, replenished and smooth and ready to style in the morning then this is definitely a product I recommend.
What I like
Great for those who have coloured their hair and seek moisture
Love the smell
Great at bringing back moisture to dry damaged hair
Works it’s magic during the night
Mizani -Fulfyl from £12
This perfect blend of protein and moisture make makes it a great treatment if you feel your hair needs a good strengthening treatment. I do feel like this is more on the protein side I tend to think that it’s best that you use this once every 4-6 weeks and as and when you need it as too much protein can lead to breakage especially if you have naturally dry hair.
What I like
I can feel a difference after one use
A little goes a long way
Love the smell
Mizani – Comfiderm £8.75 from here
Probably my favourite of the Mizani range, this scalp oil is a pleasure, I find it great for those with problematic scalp, a little oil goes a long way and actually penetrates into the scalp which great as some products act as a barrier and really block anything from nurturing the scalp. With ingredients such as jojoba seed , avocado and rosemary I can definitely say that it is a winner, though I really wish it came in a bigger size, the product is really popular with clients so it is always running out, a bigger bottle would answer prayers maybe a 150ml bottle?!
What I like
The nozzle allows for an easy application
Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling

Comments (3)

  1. August Nana Yaa 7 years ago

    Hi Andrée Marie, It would be great if you could also put the RRP with each product. Bisous! Augustina

  2. Angela H 7 years ago

    I’ve tried all four products and they all quickly became staples in keeping my hair and scalp healthy. I also love the Keracare Overnight Moisturizing Treatment. I think overall both Mizani & Keracare offer something for every hair type, texture & length.

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