Products: Smooth n Hold

Products: Smooth n Hold
6th October 2011 Hair
Olive Oil Smooth-n-hold pudding by Organic Root Stimulator
I discovered this pudding about 6 months ago which I was kind of grateful for as it came at a stage when Lucia’s hair was in mid afro stage. At the moment I use oils in her hair to keep it healthy but because she has such great textured hair I wanted to use pudding to see if it could bring out her curls.
At first glance I wasn’t really won over by the colour of the pudding, it’s a light green which initially made me think that it would dry that colour too, it didn’t…thank God. The first time I used it I liked the results because it brought out Lucia’s curls instantly without making it too hard which was what I was afraid of. Its really great for holding styles such as ponytails and flat twists whilst still holding on to the waves of the hair. Smooth-n-hold is now a staple product in Lu’s regime  after her hair is thoroughly washed and conditioned, I put in a leave in conditioner and then add the pudding and voilaaa, her hair becomes perfection again. What I love about it is that it last least 3 days so the procedure doesn’t need to be repeated every day, it come a big pot which we have been using for the last two months and I find it really moisturises Lu’s hair though its a gel. If you are looking for something to bring out your curls this might just be the product you are looking for, You may find that the result differentiate depending on your hair texture but I have tried it and it works well on me too, just avoid overloading your hair with products!
price: from £3

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  1. Chizy K 9 years ago

    Never judge a book by its cover they say..guess that saying worked in this

  2. Tola 9 years ago

    You’ve just been tagged. Check out my latest post for more details.

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