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Products| Hair supplements
28th September 2014 Andreé Marie


One of the biggest crazes of the moment are hair supplements, everyone wants fast growing hair, NOW NOW NOW. I am definitely for these products but I always recommend looking into ingredients and the doses. You really want to know what you are putting into your body and what the possible outcomes may be.

Manetabolism| I have personally been taking these tablets and though my hair has been growing, in the first week of taking them I had a bad breakout, what I did though is I now take half the dosage so one tablet before I go to bed and I drink lots of water. This new routine has completely turned it around and I feel the right dosage for me. It has 5000 mcg Biotin as an ingredient which I think is really high so you really can get away with just 1 tablet per day. I cant say that I notice my hair growing like wildfire but its a good growth for me. One of the main reasons I was drawn to this tablet is because it had zinc in it which helps balance out the spots, but I wasn’t too focused on that to be honest, I wanted something healthy, I really focused on nutrional facts such as how much antioxidants it had and things that could help strengthen my immune system and though I am not a scientist I liked the ingredients that I saw on the bottle. I will be sharing pictures though I haven’t been so consistent with the tablets. Manetabolism costs around £21 and can be shipped from the US as its not available in the UK yet. You can purchase it here

Hairfinity| This is the most popular of the two and yes it does work, very well in fact! Its has a smaller dosage of biotin 2500mcg (but no zinc) with 60 capsules it has the same dosage 2 a day and a bottle is a months supply. I think to see a difference you need to give  to have at least a month and document how your body takes to the supplement. You can purchase Hairfinity on their site here or come into Sandra Webb hair and beauty for your bottle.

Have you guys had any experience with any of these tablets? What are your thoughts?

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