Product Spotlight| Syntonics Foam wrap soufflé

Product Spotlight| Syntonics Foam wrap soufflé
25th January 2014 Hair
Foam Wrap Souffle from £7.50
Have you ever tried a product and fallen in love instantly? Up until bagging this soufflé I was accustomed to using kera care’s Foam wrap lotion (which is also excellent). When it comes to wrapping lotions I am a little unfair and look for something that is closest to bring perfect, it’s a long shot but one can hope. The syntonics wrap soufflé is enriched with natural herbs made to ehance the health of the scalp, with ingredients such as calendula and green tea it’s moisturising to the scalp whilst also protecting the scalp from the heat from the dryer.
What would you use it for:
Roller sets
Wrap set
Sculp hair
Moulding hair
Why I love it:
Gives a hold without that awful hard effect, that leaves hair feeling dry and sometimes flaky and brittle.
Where can you find it:
I find syntonics sometimes hard to find but the Sandra Webb salon sells it for £7.50 and it can be found on some online stores too.
some local hair salons


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