Product Review| Free From Frizz

Product Review| Free From Frizz
13th March 2014 Hair
My hair before
My hair after with 3 inches trimmed
I am not really a person who ever felt that I need or even wanted a brazilian blowdry, I am very happy with my curl pattern and as its the only thing that I know, I can’t say that I ever wanted any other texture as it would take time for me to get used to it. I was approached in January about a new product which would be available in Boots from 19th February called Free From Frizz which is a blowout that lasts up to 6 weeks. Sidebar* in the salon we use Arosci and Brocato for our blowouts and Brocato have a mild blowout which also lasts 6 weeks and having tested it doesn’t damage, interrupt your curl pattern but leaves your hair very manageable* Being very familiar with the blowout systems I was happy to test the product as I didn’t feel it would damage my hair in any way, I also had great feedback from those who tested it so didn’t have anything bad to go by….
How Free From Frizz works:
pre cleanse leave for 5 mins then rinse
add the active keratin to the hair sparingly (you dont have to use everything in the bottle)
blow dry and straighten
Upkeep with shampoo and conditioner for a longer wear
My Experience:
My hair is about 4C so reacts highly to humidity and is forever shrinking, as you guys know, I have been wearing wigs or late so I don’t my hair out as much as I used to. I have a few different textures in my hair so I expected some of the curls to be looser in some areas especially the front and the back. Once I did the pre cleanse wash I felt my hair was dry and not as moisturising as I had hoped, we added the keratin and left it on for the minimum time which was about 30 mins. Once that side of things was over we blowdried the hair, which was extremely difficult as my hair was extra dry and very very brittle, I have seen this before so wasn’t too alarmed as once straightened most keratin treatments leave hair feeling very silky and smooth. As I wasn’t going to wear my hair straight for long, I only went over my hair once with the straighteners rather than the recommended 3/4 times, the end result was that the treatment left my hair feeling extremely dry , more than I had ever felt my hair before, it was as if I had an overload of protein and didn’t look as shiny and fluffy as those who I had previously done. Finally I was alarmed, I went home and gave my hair a good wash in the hopes of regaining moisture as I suspected that I had overloaded the product on my hair hence why it was so dry. Instantly I noticed that my curls were much looser and some of my tips on the right side of my hair had straight bits that stayed straight even when wet. Its been about 4 weeks and I really didn’t want to give a false review as I wanted to really see what the true results were, my curls are pretty much still the same but I can see that when its wet its curling up a little bit more and some of the straight tips are beginning to have some kinks to them. I think it will take much longer than 6 weeks to regain my full curls back, I say about 6 months if not more. I don’t like the curls that the product has given me and I don’t feel I can’t achieve the looks I used to be able to do because I have so many different textures (from straight to loose curls), I can see that some
Parts will not go back to how it was prior the treatment, to be honest I feel like my hair won’t be the same. I may have to trim the ends if they remain straight. The product definitely does what it says though somehow my hair feels both soft and dry and I consistently need to moisturise it. I do miss my normal texture and hope that it will come back.
The shampoo and conditioner I felt work well, the shampoo is a little cleansing so leaves hair a little dry but the conditioner is great and smells gorgeous, I am a sucka for mango in any form and the scent and feel is amazing.
I really don’t like free from frizz, it is not meant for me and I don’t know if i will regain my hair texture.
3 things I feel went wrong and I would do differently
1) We should have used half the bottle of the active keratin treatment my hair is not that long I am pretty sure I could have gotten away with that
2) I needed the treatment for fine/normal hair, If you are looking to wear your hair both curly and straight I think that is the better option that way you can always build up rather than the product be too strong
3) Use lower heat! I think 180 deg is more than enough for straightening less damage and more control
Review from Chloe (with a naturally looser curl than mine)

'In my own opinion and using Free From Frizz on my own hair, I quite enjoyed the looser curls as it helped me achieve a style I've been wanting to create for years but never really knew how. It has been over six weeks since I first trialed the treatment and my hair has begun to thicken and has become more and more moisturised since the first application which I can attribute to weekly washes with the Free From Frizz along with daily moisturising using other branded afro hair products. My main tip for using Free From Frizz on afro hair (which I've just learnt) is to also rub serum into your hair after the straightening treatment is locked in with straighteners.'
My advice with anyone looking to use any product is always to know what you want to achieve research it. If you want more manageable hair then this product is for you but if you are happy with your curls like me then it isn’t for you.
Free From Frizz is from £15.99 for the kit and the shampoo and conditioner are about £5.99

Comments (4)

  1. LaaLaa Monroe 6 years ago

    Honestly. I’ve hated this treatment, my curl pattern is just loose and the hair is dry, the ends are fried and I am so disappointed. I haven’t bothered using the shampoo and conditioner cos I’m trying to rid the keratin out the hair.

    • Andrée Marie 6 years ago

      I agree, it what’s worked for other people but I shaved my hair off!

    • LaaLaa Monroe 6 years ago

      I hope it wasn’t primarily because of this treatment? I’ve actually been riding mine by using sulphates which has worked I’m slowly regaining my hair back but I definitely wasn’t going to encourage that Keratin treatment to stay any longer than it needed lol

    • Andrée Marie 6 years ago

      I did too, mainly because I couldn’t be asked, I mainly wanted a fresh start and it damaged the ends of my hair so I couldn’t be asked x

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