1st October 2012 Hair

 Definitely an ongoing trend ,  I have always loved both high and low ponytails , you can achieve this  look by either adding a piece to your hair or your own hair own for a less exaggerated look. If you feel you can’t do it your self you can purchase fake ponytails for a quick change from your normal look. There are so many ways to spice up your look without going to too much trouble, here are some tips to help you spice up this trend..


  • add a plait if you want to jazz up the look and transform it from day to an evening look. Try a fish plait for a more interesting feel.
  • if you are wearing a low ponytail, try a side or middle parting, I think it is such a pretty and soft look
  • If you decide to wear a fake ponytail, try cutting the tips of the ponytail to create a sharp straight line for a blunt look
  • to add a bit of texture add some mousse , dry your hair and some loose curls, set with some holding spray
  • I also love seeing little accessories such as alice bands or ribbons on low ponytails
Pictures from Sandra webb Hair team

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  1. Starbuck's Junkie 8 years ago

    do you work in a shop I can come to ,

    • Andree Marie 8 years ago

      I do, I work at Sandra Webb hair and beauty in Clapham common x

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