Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme

Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme
28th October 2011 Hair
Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo from £12 here
Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Conditioner from £14 here
I was really excited to get my hands on the Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme duo range and trying them on clients. I have heard fantastic things about the range but I like to try things out too so I can make my own judgements. Moisture Extreme is said to be
‘For extremely poroustight curls and all variations of ethnic textured hair. Also suitable for chemically processed/relaxed and synthetic hair.’
As a duo I think these two work marvelously together, after a first lather shampoo I applied Moisture Extreme shampoo and with this product a little goes a long way, there is no need apply a ridiculous amount of shampoo especially if you have already had a cleansing first shampoo to get rid of product build up. The shampoo is very moisturising and works great on different hair densities, especially for those that have very thick hair that tends to dry quickly. On relaxed hair I find that the shampoo leaves hair feeling soft and somehow thicker. The conditioner is like the cherry on top as far as I am concerned, well at least for those who have very dry hair, with the shampoo already leaving hair feeling at it’s best, the conditioner adds that extra conditioning feel to it (you can also pop on a plastic cap or cling film for 15-20 mins for a deep condition/treatment) , not everyone feels a big difference in the feel of the hair between using the shampoo and conditioner but I say the inside job is what really counts. Is it worth the money? To me absolutely, after trying it for the last few months I definitely recommend it.  The packaging I think is simple and straight to the point and it smells fine! I haven’t tried the Elasticizer Extreme but once I get it I will let you know how I also feel about it. I think you can tell that this won’t be the first and last Philip Kingsley Review.

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  1. Shereen 9 years ago

    Can the conditioner be used as a deep conditioner?

  2. Andree Marie 9 years ago

    Yes it can hun, I just added that in too xx

  3. Chizy K 9 years ago

    Nice, i’ll try it out…

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