New Year New Hair

New Year New Hair
5th January 2010 Hair

It was a very long weekend in every sense of the word, I feel like it should be friday by now but Alas, it isn’t. I have been doing a few heads over the weekend and trying to convince both clients and my closest that they need to step out of the box and try a hairstyle they wouldn’t have normally….
First one up is Henny (You will see a lot of hen as she is one of my main weave models) , she’s never tried a full headed weave with closure so after a lot of uncertainty we finally did one, take a look at the results

Next up was Naomi, she said she neglects her hair so I just gave her a trim and advised  her to have regular trims and maybe next time even try a few tracks in her hair to see how she likes it (she is trying to grow it long).

Last but not least was Agz (another model that you will see a lot of on my blog), She had a bob but i suggested an exaggerated sweeping fringe with a few tracks at the back and maybe next time a middle parting. Her hair was roller set for bit of body and I used Boots medium hold spray for the curls to stay.

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