Natural Textures by KeraCare

Natural Textures by KeraCare
7th September 2011 Hair

KeraCare have finally made that move and done a range for Natural girls out there. even though it is out in America it is not out yet here. We have a set at work which I took a photo to share with you guys, I am waiting for my batch to arrive so I can give a more thorough review. The few I have tried out I love so far though. The range are divided in 3 steps 1 for the washing process, 2 Condition and 3 Style.

The range consists of 6 products:
Cleansing cream; sulfate free  moisturizing curl wash
Leave in Conditioner
Hair milk; daily hair sustainer
Butter Cream; everyday moisturiser
Twist and Define Cream; for twist outs and twists
Defining Custard; for curls and coils

The products are soon to be released and I will definitely be keeping you posted on what the products are like in depth as well as where they will be sold. 

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  1. VexintheCity 9 years ago

    Oh cool! I’m def interested in trying some of these products! “Going natural” of of Sunday! Must remember to check this range out when I’mm next in NY.

  2. Ines 8 years ago

    Are you now selling those at the salon? I might try to pop in tomorrow to buy them!

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