My weave Regime

My weave Regime
4th May 2010 Hair
Afro hair isn’t an easy task and sometimes it’s a hell of a job! It can stop you from going out because the whole process takes so long that you have to book it in your diary to save that 5 hour slot.As I have said before, I love to do hair but I try a spend the minimal amount of time on my hair as I just like to go… A lot of people have requested how I take care of my weave and how I shampoo it so I thought it be best for me to do a step by step blog post about it.STEP 1: I shampoo my hair with a 1st lather/cleansing shampoo, just to get rid of the dirt and oil in my hair. At the moment I find that Coconut Shampoo (which is great for cleansing hair), after that first thorough wash my hair feels clean of dirt.

STEP 2: My second shampoo is a conditioning/moisturising one to restore some smoothness in that weave, as long as the shampoo you use says moisturising/conditioning shampoo it should be fine
STEP 3:  After towel drying my hair, I condition it Kera Care’s Humecto or Elasta QP Fortifying conditioner for about 5 minutes comb it then rinse.

Step 4: I towel dry my hair thoroughly and then  add a small amount of KMS’s Silk sheen Therapy plus to my weave Finger dry it with the blow-dry for 2 mins then use the fork/paddle brush to blow dry my hair
STEP 5:  what  is underneath the weave needs to get dry too so I go under the my detachable hood dryer for 15-25 mins to dry my plaits. (You can buy detachable hood dryers anywhere online or in stores great for travelling)
STEP 6: I styles as usual!

This process takes me a MAXIMUM of 2 hours as I refuse to spend my whole day doing my hair. A few things that you need to remember are:
  • You should always rinse your hair thoroughly because what you leave behind could damage your hair
  • Always condition after a wash
  • Don’t forget your real hair, it needs looking after too
As always Loves and kisses. xx

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