24th January 2010 Hair
Hey Bloggers, I feel like I have not been online for ages! My blackberry is serving its purpose but for the last few days I have had to go to the internet shop just to do simple things like loading a picture *shudders*, until my internet is fixed this is the way I have to do things so be patient with me…

I have finally been a ble to get a hold of Sandra’s Award winning pictures (this is not all of them just a few) and I just want to express how very proud I am of her win again, the pictures show how versatile she is as a creative stylist and looking at them I can only hope to achieve such greatness in the future. A lot of work goes into a fantastic photoshoot (I wasnt present at this one), it takes time, a team, motivation and effort etc…Having said that, it makes me even more excited for what is to come in the upcoming years .

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