Moroccan Oil (For all hair types)

Moroccan Oil (For all hair types)
13th February 2012 Hair
Recently the salon started selling Moroccan oil Treatment, giving me time to try it out on clients and see what this product is really saying. There was a great buzz about it but i never got round to trying it out on myself or any clients. So far the response has been great at the salon, many are talking about how conditioned and healthy it leaves their hair and that it eliminates their frizz. Personally I am really happy with how long it lasts, you really needn’t use a lot, one pump goes a long way. It is really flexible is and available in a smaller size so you can try it out before you decide to get a bigger size (or try the sample sizes). Prices start from £12.95 and the range consists of about 6 products including Moroccan Intense Hydrating masque which I am eager to try out also. See product details below:
Moroccan Oil Light Treatment
This oil is aimed for light and colour treated hair,  a conditioning product which absorbs immediately to eliminate frizz and leave hair smooth.
Moroccan Oil Treatment
Aimed to eliminate frizz, detangle hair and keep hair conditioned, unlike the light treatment this one is much thicker and also for all hair types
Directions of use (taken from product information):
For Styling and Finishing:
  • Apply a small amount onto your palms and work through damp hair after shampooing.
  • Style as usual.
For Protection:
  • Apply a small amount to dry hair to protect from damage caused by sun, wind and other harsh environmental factors.

For Colour & Chemical Treatment:

    • Before applying colour, highlights, straightening or relaxing chemical treatments, prepare hair by applying approximately 5ml directly onto hair and gently massage.


  • Do not rinse the hair before applying colour/treatment chemicals.
  • Add 4-7ml to the colour mix to increase hairs absorption rate and to enhance shine and depth of colour.



For Hair Extensions:
    • Use it to help detangle hair, wig and hair extensions.



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  1. Natalie Kay 9 years ago

    I’ve been using it lately, I honestly just thought it was a fad at first, but my hair looks and feels amazing, for the first time in a long time my hair is out but doesn’t feel dry! Definitely one of my favourite hair products! Great post! xxx

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