More on Brazilian Blowdry…

More on Brazilian Blowdry…
24th January 2012 Hair
I love Tola! She is such a great person and I love doing her hair and chatting away about life etc when I see her… She came into the salon a little over a month ago to test out Arosci, one of our brazilian treatment as a way of spreading the word and getting a better understanding of what brazilian blowdry can do to hair. I think with most products it is always test and trial but I like honest opinions and Tola always gives one so it really just made sense for her to do this.
You can check out the video of me applying the Keratin treatment here and her month update below:
If you guys have any questions about Keratin treatments, there will be more videos and more updates but as always I am happy to answer any queries you have, I did do a post on frequently asked questions here but if there are any more then go ahead dolls….

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