March Hair Icon: Miss Onye

March Hair Icon: Miss Onye
24th March 2010 Hair

What’s that you say? Yep it’s that time again and as always I have been on the look out for a Hair Icon, This month it happens to be from a fellow blogger (it’s not just celebs i look at ya know), who I have been complimenting for the last couple of months, in all truth it’s borderline stalking but not if she is aware that I am a fan of her hair…..right??!! Well…I will answer questions later!! I added three questions that I thought would be helpful to all of you. I will include these questions to my ‘real’ hair icons and I suspect I will get a variety of answers which is exactly what i am looking for! Anyway take a look at her ever changing and lovely locks.


What products do you use?
I use Shampoos and conditioners from the Giovanni line, like Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and conditioner. I also use products from the Neutrogena Triple Moisture like the leave in conditioner.

How do you upkeep your hairstyle?
I make sure that my hair is always moisturised and that I am not using too much direct  heat becasue i know that can be very damaging to hair. Also, when I go to sleep at night, I make sure to wrap and cover my hair with a satin bonnet, so that I don’t wake up with hair all over the place.

Any tips you would like to share?
I think the the most important tip that i can give is “sometimes less is more”. A lot of times people get caught up with putting all these different  products in their hair this way and that way, and those things can turn out to be very damaging. I say, its always best to just keep it simple!

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