10th January 2011 Hair
  Jessie J’s hair do has been rocking my boat since I first saw her in ‘Do it like a Dude’, this girls super slick bob is great, I haven’t felt like this about a bob since Danni Minogues!…the heavy blunt fringe and super sleek straight hair is just perfection, what do you guys think?

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Love Andree xx

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  1. Hairgirl 10 years ago

    Its really edgy and I like the fact that in each pic she looks different even though its the same hair demonstrating the versatility of this style. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to go with the full frontal fringe but she is definitely rocking this look!

  2. ~Kymmy~ 10 years ago

    She Rocks!! Shes Beautiful & the girl can SANG!!!

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