London Lash Room

London Lash Room
25th October 2012 Hair
I have always wanted to try the individual lashes but never really found anyone that made them look really natural. I used to be addicted to lashes when I was younger but soon grew out of them because they looked a bit too thick for me. Natasha came to the salon a few months ago and after seeing many women leaving the salon with beautifully installed semi permanent eyelash extensions, I made my appointment to get mine installed. I pretty much let her make the decision on which lashes to pick for me length wise, she opted for a mixture of long and short lashes. I loved them at sight though next time I will opt for shorter length lashes as the long ones hit the frames of my glasses and that can get annoying. 

I have had the lashes for 4 weeks and counting ( no infills yet!), what I love about them so far is that they look natural and are really easy to maintain. I wash my face as usual and brush them each morning to separate them. As the weeks have gone, I have lost a few lashes due to natural shedding but nothing too harsh for me to worry about.

After installation

1.Before installation (with mascara)
2.After lash installation (No mascara and i didnt brush them too)
3. 4  weeks later (No mascara)

To contact London Lash Room:
Natasha Merogno 07737337450

Please note on average you need to get infills every 2-3 weeks.
(I have been lucky because I don’t sleep with my hands anywhere near my face..)

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