Kera Care and Mizani Night time treatments

Kera Care and Mizani Night time treatments
15th June 2011 Hair

MIZANI H2O Intense Strengthening Night-time Treatment:

I have been using it for about 3 years as part of my night time regimen and I really love it, It was recommended to me when my hair was breaking and I really felt it strengthened my hair during that period of frizz and shedding. I don’t feel like I always need to use it (I use it twice a week) and when I do it leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy but not too greasy. Be careful though I once overused it and found my hair went limp! I guess there is a reason the directions say use 2-3 times a week.

Prices start from £12 depending on where you buy .Click here if you would like to purchase it.

Avlon Kera Care Overnight moisturizing Treatment:

Overnight treatment contains coconut oil and sunflower seed oil, as I mentioned in my video I wasn’t completely sold when I first used this product because I didn’t follow the directions. I used this product over a period of three months to truly see the results (on my hair and maman’s natural locks) and it really does as it says, my hair felt stronger and had a lovely shine, I did find that my hair was a little bit too oily for me, but it was not on my mums hair, I guess that is bcause of the two different hair textures. I wish that it came in a bigger tub as though it is a great product that lasts a long time, maman loves it she just wants more! I recommend it to people who find their hair is really dry and even coloured.

Prices start from £10 and you can purchase here

Both products are great and smell delicious it really depends on your preference and your hair type.

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  1. Pretty Lashes 10 years ago

    I’ve got the Mizani one, I just never use it..I’ll have to start now with my leave-out.

  2. **OnYxStA** 10 years ago

    Ohh this sounds good. Gonna try and find it in my local hair shops if I can. Great review hun x
    Any recommendations for a daily hair moisturiser for short, dry hair?


  3. Andree Marie 10 years ago

    you could try Kera Care conditioning creme Hairdress I use it and I love it.

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