Immaculé Hair Shoot and launch

Immaculé Hair Shoot and launch
13th September 2016 Andreé Marie
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It’s been a busy summer, as you guys know I have a hair supplier for the wigs I make on the site, many ask me on my channel what brand of hair I wear; so of course when the time came to launch it properly, we did a shoot showcasing various styles that will be available on the site. I partnered up with the brand mainly because I love the hair I am very familiar (I also wear it) with it.

The 3 main textures at the moment are;

Kinky curly: For the girls who love big hair or who want to embrace more natural curls, kinky curly maintenance allows you wear tamed curls or to fluff it up for a bigger/fuller look

Silky Straight: The simplest texture, with low maintenance for a sophisticated look

Wavy: The body wave for those who like the in between look, can be worn both sleek and little curly for an extra bounce

It is so refreshing to work with a brand in the beginning stages; not only is the site going to be selling perruques ( french for wigs), hair extensions and clip ins; you will also be able to browse in the journal and Hair advice section for different articles from experts ranging from hair advice, makeup tips all the way to motivation.

You can shop the different textures and perruques at



Customise your units


Pixie perreuque Amour (love)


Silky straight textures


Bob Perruque Foi (Faith)


Kinky curly Texture

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