I heart…the 50’s/60’s

I heart…the 50’s/60’s
28th November 2009 Hair

My friend Agz and I were talking about a programme she adores called Mad Men, she told me how she admires the ways of the women the perfection of their hair, dress sense, mannerism and just about everything about their physical appearance. What she said is very true as I find that hair from the 50s and 60s era were exquisite and so thought out to perfection, I mean even today these hairstyles are brought back with 21st century twist. The big thing about this era is that women loved curls, volume and bouffant hairstyles, but it was also when short hair cuts came out kind of broke the trends a little bit. This era was a time of glamour and I am glad that it is a style which still lives on……I am inspired people and hope you are too. xx

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  1. Agnes 11 years ago

    OMG you know I love this post!!! I heart the 50/60’s fashion and hairstyles. So sophisticated, sexy and demure.

  2. diamants-d'ébènes 11 years ago

    whaouh beautiful picture, 50/60’S Great year for music, film and finally fahsion and hairstyles.. I agree with agnes,
    it was sexy and sophisticated period

  3. AndreeMarie 11 years ago

    @Diamante indeed, I have since looked more into 50/60’s era and the women were of a certain je ne sais quoi. x

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