How To| Ombre Virgin hair

How To| Ombre Virgin hair
14th March 2014 Hair

Colouring hair has been a big hit over the last two years, many people don’t have a clue on how to achieve this look without ruining their hair. I am always dyeing hair so here is a step by step guide on one of the ways that I achieve this look.

You will need
Hair of your choice
Pre lightning kit (40 vol or 30 vol developer and pre lightener)
shampoo and conditioner
Tint brush
STEP 1: Start off with virgin hair, make sure that it is hair that can be coloured otherwise you will end up with discoloured hair, dry hair etc..
STEP 2: I backcomb the hair a little to avoid a harsh line of colour
STEP 3: I used 40 vol developer and pre lightner you can use 30 Vol for a slower lightening process, 40 vol lightens pretty fast.
STEP 4:  Mix in a bowl, add some conditioner and a small pump of shampoo (optional) to moisturise whilst lightening.
STEP 5: Once the colour has been applied, wrap the foil around for about 10-20 mins
STEP 6: After the hair has developed, leave conditioner in for about 30 (sometimes I leave it overnight) mins, then rinse and air dry.
STEP 7: Repeat the process if you want lighter tips (leave this out if you wish to just have just one colour)

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  1. Glenesse Nick 7 years ago

    Cant wait to see your install! <3

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