Hair|Wedding in Essex

Hair|Wedding in Essex
25th August 2014 Andreé Marie

In the past year, I have been perfecting the craft of wedding hair, there is something about being a part of someones day, making them happy and having a small input to this special day in their life that makes me feel cheesy and gooey inside. I LOVE weddings and my client this round was Chloe, as of recently I have only been travelling within the London area as I continue my day with clients at the salon straight after but with C, I got to go to her home town and be a part of everything, which added a small touch to the day. The Bridal package mostly always consists of a wedding trial as I really think that once you have made a decision prior to the wedding, it is one less thing that you have to worry about. I added rows of weave for extra length and volume, prepped her hair with keratin spray to avoid her natural hair reverting. The hairstyle took about 45 mins and I finished with my favourite L’Oreal Elnett spray.084085105106102 103

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