Hair|Keeping up with the curly

Hair|Keeping up with the curly
18th August 2014 Andreé Marie


My favourite kind of hair to wear is always the one closer to my own texture, just like natural hair though it is a lot to take care of. I find the looser the curl the easier it is to look after, having said that, once you get used to it it becomes second nature just like anything else. Though I love definition I tend to save pristine looking hair for special occasions and keep my every day hair pretty much relaxed. The hair I have is Mongolian Kinky Curly with a lace closure which I have had pretty much for the last 6 months (worn on and off of course). Up keeping the hair is no real problem as I spray with conditioner every other night and fluff with my hand as a finishing touch, I find that giving hair shape always gives it that extra umph and character rather than just the standard do.

What are your hairstyles this summer and how are you up keeping them?


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  1. Omomamaolowo 6 years ago

    Could u tell the name of the conditioning spray?

    • Author
      Andreé Marie 6 years ago

      I use various ones, but the s-curl spray is one that I find refreshing x

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