Hair| Eden Virgin Hair Recurl and Texture service

Hair| Eden Virgin Hair Recurl and Texture service
31st August 2014 Andreé Marie

Eden Virgin hair have launched a new service called Recurl & Texture which is a 100% chemical free service to renew once again your tresses. It uses a steam to help your hair regain their curls or for them to go looser. Some things you need to know about the service:

  • The service consists of sending your bundles of hair, free of charge, within 14 days of receiving it your hair will be sent back out to you ready to be reinstalled
  • Only bundles of hair can be recurled (hair in the form of wigs can’t)
  • Your hair will be revamped and lustre adding some life to it making it more durable
  • Service starts from £45
  • The service is exclusive to Eden Virgin hair clients

For more on the service please go here for more details.


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