Hair| wedding hair and smiles

Hair| wedding hair and smiles
13th June 2013 Hair
I have had a few busy weekends and was not able to do any posts, the great news is, I have loads of material to post now that everything has settled!

It was one of my childhood friends wedding last Saturday and I had the pleasure of doing her hair, the build up to the wedding was amazing, this is the first time that someone close to me has gotten married so it was very exciting! I had a blast doing her hair and being a part of her day. It’s the wedding season so I have a few bookings, I am really enjoying being a part of the day seeing the bride, the prepping, the hair and making her beautiful for her day…. this is definitely the exciting part of the job.
Moving swiftly on, my hair is still doing its  own thing, since shaping my hair and creating a hairstyle with my Afro, I have been loving it! I am very simple with it and kind of let it do its own thing, glycerine is still a staple ingredient in my regime and on the wedding day I decided to opt for doing single medium sized twists and tucking them in. I left it overnight and the results were great! Not too much shrinkage and the style lasted a good two days.

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  1. Jenni 8 years ago

    You look gorge!!! Loving this look on ya, What lipstick do you have on?

  2. Tijerina 8 years ago

    Wow, love your hairstyle, beautiful!

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