Hair| Snip snip again

Hair| Snip snip again
13th April 2014 Hair

I did it again, mainly because I could not be patient and wait to cut the hair off from my Free From Frizz episode. As I told you guys before the hair I wasn’t a big fan of my new do and in some ways felt trapped to wear wigs everyday as I couldn’t achieve a good twist out like I used to. I’m a simple girl and want a simple hair life and routine, so waiting to do was was inevitable just didn’t make any sense to me anymore, I just had to cut and start again. What I learnt in the last few years is that 4c hair requires low manipulation and grows better when left alone, I intend to do just that, play around with wigs but braids and weaves are out. I can’t promise that I won’t keep cutting as I enjoy my hair at different lengths as long as it stays healthy. 

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  1. V. Shireen 6 years ago

    Looks good! SUits you very well

  2. Glam HouseDiva 6 years ago

    OMG you look amazing LOVE IT

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