Hair Icon July: SJ

Hair Icon July: SJ
24th July 2011 Hair

I fell in love with this beautiful curly afro and had to make SJ hair Icon of July. Curly Hair can be difficult to maintain but SJ gives her simple tips on how she keeps her hair lovely.
What products do you use on your hair?
I use Africa Pride hair lotion, Aussie Curl Serum and Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance
How do you upkeep your style?
I upkeep my style by washing, conditioning my hair, then I allow it to air dry using curl maintenance products, finishing with a blow dryer for volume.
Any tips you would like to share?
For curly hair, keep it conditioned and using a diffuser to dry your hair keeps it from frizzing and keeps the curls in tact. Also drying your hair upside down creates volume

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  1. CocoagirlD 9 years ago

    I think its beautiful feeling the curly hair.. think im going to get me a loose pattern though have a good day honey..

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