Hair Icon january: Florie

Hair Icon january: Florie
4th January 2012 Hair
 Consider her also my December Icon as I clearly forgot to upload one for last month! Introducing Florie; I discovered her very randomly, as I do with most blogs, by being inquisitive on the net…. click click click and voila (I blame the iphone, it just makes it too easy). Ok, so back on track I discovered Florie’s blog very recently and instantly fell in love with her look, the near platinum hair colour suits her very well along with her short afro. I considered doing a more toned down version of burgundy but decided that more than anything I love Jet black hair. Below are a few questions that I asked Florie.
How do you upkeep your style?
I bleach my roots every 3 weeks and moisturise my scalp with castor oil and coconut oil 4 nights a week. I a very lazy so I don’t do much else.
Any tips you would like to share?
After washing, i rub a mixture of Dax and Motions daily moisturiser in my hair…it really defines my curls and keeps my hair soft and springy!
Check out Florie’s blog and her great style.

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