Hair| Eden Virgin Hair Review

Hair| Eden Virgin Hair Review
15th June 2014 Hair
Hair| Loose Wavy 4 packs in 16″
The hair as I have mentioned in the video is pretty much amazing, I fell in love with it more after the first wash, its been amazing to deal with and has not lost its fullness like I thought it would. I use Tresemme beautifing oil every other day, but as mentioned because I experience minimal frizz with this hair, I tend to just add it to the ends to avoid the hair getting dry and that works just fine. As the hair gets older  the curls do loosen  but not majorly, they just lose a bit of life which definitely can be revived with a good wash (I use Herbal Essence or the Tresemme range to shampoo and conditioner.
The pictures below show what the hair was like just before I washed it, as you can see the hair was looser but still maintained a good wave.


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