Hair Care| Tips for sore and dry itchy scalp

Hair Care| Tips for sore and dry itchy scalp
17th February 2014 Hair
The tips mentioned in the video are
  • Using milk to calm down the scalp
  • A scalp brush to help get to the areas that really need a good scratch
  • Aloe Vera and Tea treel oil
Other tips you may try:
  • Scrubbing the scalp before you shampoo, No exagerrating, just gently remove some of the excess dandruff and then proceed with the shampoo. This can sometimes help minimise the amount of shampoos you do.
  • Find an oil that penetrates into the hair shafts and scalp, no point using an oil which will just sit on the scalp (jojoba oil is a great choice as well as many others)
  • Look out for ingredients such as charcoal and zinc in your hair shampoos and conditioners, they are excellent for getting rid of dry scalp
  • One shampoo which is one of my favourites to try is Uplifting shampoo by ORS (Organics roots stimulator) it gently exfoliates the scalp in a non harsh way and gets rid of build up. You can purchase it in most local stores from £3 onwards.

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