Hair| Afro units Diane, Joy and Lisa

Hair| Afro units Diane, Joy and Lisa
6th November 2013 Hair
Unit 1: Joy!
Simply put, this hair gives me utter joy, it fits me, my lifestyle and its the closest hair that I have found to match my natural hair texture, it’s my go to everyday hair and what I can see my hair looking like in a few years. This hair is synthetic (Batik – Joy curl 12″) lasts up to 6 weeks on me and longer should I require it to. I will not be sticking to synthetic hair, as I want real hair but I am a firm believe in try before you buy so these last few months I have been doing just that with my units. I actually like it better as it gets older as it looks more realistic but I cut it shorter as I did not want the back to look like a birds nest!
Wig 2: Diane
 My nickname when I wear this wig is Diana but I named her Diane, I love it because it spells diva and goes with everything, Though I love this unit with its loose curl, it gets messy quicker than joy and I only wear it to go out which means I have only worn it three times. I think that this wig will only last about 3 weeks whilst still looking great, avoid that rain though……..
As you know I am also wearing my Lisa straight unit which is also great from RPG show wig LOVE
Coupon name: Andree
Coupon Worth: $40

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