Good ol’ Sunday

Good ol’ Sunday
18th September 2011 Hair
 Hello Folks!
Today was a special day, little Lu turned 13, I finally gave in and pressed her hair like she wanted. I gave her a much needed trim (I took off an inch) and a treatment, she never puts heat on her hair so her hair is in excellent condition, I am so glad we started her hair journey from scratch. I reckon in the next two years her hair will be at least shoulder length. Me on the other hand….after shaving  my hair for three 3 weeks, I have decided to grow my hair natural, I am not going to obsess about length or where I want it to be as I just want it to be healthy. If I like a length I will keep it there for a while until I want to move on from that…of course I will be doing different things to my hair and I am not ruling out wigs or weaves!
P.s This doesn’t mean I will never relax my hair again or that I will, I just really want to keep my hair natural.

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