Giveaway| favourite products (worldwide)

Giveaway| favourite products (worldwide)
21st June 2015 Andreé Marie



This final giveaway is for 2 lucky winners, you will receive; Syntonics Foam Wrap souffle, Conditionign Creme hairdress by Kera care and Humecto conditioner kera Care. The products will be sent out to you wherever you are. Thank you guys for following my journey!

Worldwide giveaway
2 Winners will picked
You have to be a Subscriber (If entering on Youtube)
Starts 21st June (midnight UK time) until 28th June (close at Midnight)
Enter by writing down your email; state what is your summer
style and why
You can enter here under on Youtube
Winners announced 30th June


Comments (3)

  1. Aryel 5 years ago

    My favorite hairstyle for summer is to cut all my hair off in a low Cesar or fade. I live in Florida and it is really hot so I love for my style to be easy and low maintenance. I feel beautiful and sexy with my low hair cut. My features are enhanced with my hair cut. My favorite style of clothing is a romper of jump suit. It is easy and light weight for the Florida weather. I wasn’t sure if you want both hair and fashion style.

  2. Hi Andree Marie! Really exciting giveaways. My Favourite style that I like to wear during the summer is super defined twist and curl twistouts. I wear my hair in protective styles throughout the majority of the year due to the weather here in Scotland. But summer is where I let my hair out, and when it gets too warm I’ll use the twistouts to do updo/bun styles that are very textured to shake things up a bit!

    Thanks for the beautiful videos you create, keep them coming!

  3. Sandra Wilkins 5 years ago

    Hi Andree….My summer definetly the classic short pixie cut,wheather i’m rocking my swimsuit,ballgown,streetwear or sleepwear.I know I’am going to be looking FABULOUS.

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