Getting to know: Tracee Ellis Ross

Getting to know: Tracee Ellis Ross
21st November 2011 Hair

I recently talked about how I adore Tracee Ellis Ross and like a dream, earlier this month thanks to my lovely Shade, I got to go to a BET event called getting to know: Tracee Ellis ross. The event was held at Mayfair Hotel, it was very well organised and we got to spend about an hour mingling, eating (you know i loved that!) and networking with each other  before being taken to a smaller room/theatre where we heard short speeches by Soul Marketing founder Glen Yearwood, Michael Armstrong; senior Vice president and General manager at BET and Vice president and International Programming and production person Ava Hall. After we were entertained by comedian Felix Dexter and singer Renny Bird it was finally time to introduce Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee’s had a relaxed interview with Brenda Emmanus in front of the crowd which I taped but for the life of me cannot upload even a snippet anywhere! She talked about her career and what she did after the abrupt ending of Girlfriends series and new family show ‘Reed between the lines’… Even though we only got to see Tracee for what felt like a little while, I think its safe to say that she is definitely a fun character, she was lovely and absolutely inspiring. It was a relaxing evening and as these events go I met some great individuals and met up with some familiar and friendly faces.

Familiar faces at the event : Paida and her lovely girls pilar and Jennifer

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  1. Domzy 9 years ago

    I absolutely love Tracee and her lovely hair. I’m so jealous you got to meet her. Looks like this was a fun event.

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